Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare Hotel Rhodes

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Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare Hotel Rhodes

Posted on July 2008 in Dodecanese Islands

It is a modern hotel complex leisurely sprawled on the golden sand, cooled by the sea and breathing in the sweet smell rising from the gardens that surround it – an invitation to enjoy bright days and exciting nights in its spacious suites and luxurious rooms, all with an incredible view. Travel to the Mediterranean of taste, take a tour around the world of gastronomy, savor local delicacies by the water, yield to the pleasures of the sea and the excitement of sports, give in to fascinating suggestions for entertainment and indulge in our chivalrous service. Spoil yourselves with an unforgettable summer, filled with games and treats.
Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare, asun-filled paradise of family vacation sized up to match your needs, open sits gates to welcomeyou.

Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare

Memorable holidays in the Island of Sun, delightful, attractive, welcoming, a truly grand hotel, Paradise Royal Mare is ideal for spending a long, pleasant and relaxing holiday. This resort is set on the island of sun, Rhodes, just 6 km away from the old, medieval town of Rhodes and 20 km away from Rhodes International airport. An extensive renovation project was completed during winter 98/99. Delightful gardens and a cosmopolitan atmosphere allow guests to enjoy their stay. Hotel life is made more pleasant by the attractive lounges, spacious, fully renovated indoor areas, a wide range of rooms and an incredible programme of recreation activities.

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