Village Bay Studios Tinos

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Village Bay Studios Tinos

Posted on August 2008 in Cyclades Islands

Welcome to VILLAGE BAY, the traditional studios in Cycladic architectural style

Village Bay studios in Tinos are located only 70m far from the wonderful beach of Kardiani. It consists of studios that can accommodate 2 or 3 persons. Every one of them has a different style which signifies the love that the owners have for each one, when they built them. They are fully-furnished in order to service make your stay there much more cozy. Also, each studio has its own balcony, with dreamy view of the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands.

Fay’s Studio is decorated with old style furniture and breathes a sense of the past. The colors that dominate are orange and olive in every room and they make you feel relaxed.

Maria’s Studio is also decorated in a traditional Cycladic style, with white color in abundance. The furniture are well preserved old ones, from the house of Grandmother Maria, such as the curtains made by her, the coffee table and the chairs.

Finally, Martzy’s Studio is a pink paradise, decorated with candles and butterflies, creating an ideal atmosphere for a couple.