Favie Suzanne Hotel

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Favie Suzanne Hotel

Posted on August 2008 in Cyclades Islands

Traditional art meets modern in a unique creation!

Favie Suzanne hotel which since 1968 accepted throughout the chorea of believers across the Megalocharis and decades of 80 and 90 received at the hands of other managers, since 1999 returns to the grandchildren Favie and Souzanas with a vision to upgrade the quality of tourist services on the island, effectively combining art and tradition with comfort and functionality.

Full Renovations in 2004 and integrated extension in 2007, with the construction of the new deluxe wing highlights a hotel living legend who respects the residential long tradition of the island while being open to all new artistic currents and modern trends in site design.

Located at both central and quiet area in Country of Tinos, on the road that borrows its name from the great sculptor Antonio Tinio Socho, across from the park «Arapaki» and overlooking the port, hotel Favie Suzanne is perhaps the safest option those who wish hospitable climate, comfort, high style, quality and variety of benefits.

The Cycladic figurines, marble balconies and traditional stones of Tinos, telling stories written by the hands of the most gifted locals and testify that the hotel Favie Suzanne serve in the manner of the transcendent identity of the island.

From here we gaze to the visitors enjoying the sea, the pilgrims asking the sake of the Madonna and older ships to catch and lifting anchor … The sense of Cycladic Island dominates the interior of rooms which “enjoy” the sun and the purity of architectural form!

The Favie Suzanne has:
• 34 STANDARD rooms
• 12 DELUXE rooms
• 2 EXECUTIVE rooms

• OXYGEN pool bar-restaurant (available inside & outdoors)
• Heated pool with Jacuzzi (Hours operational.: 08:00-19:00)
• umbrellas and sunbeds
• Fitness & Spa Club (coming soon)
• Gift Shop
• Reception
• Information desk
• Lobby / TV room
• Internet corner
• Parking
• Luggage Store
• 3 lifts (OTIS)
• Phone Desk
• Transfers from and towards the port (free)
• Room service
• Available doctor
• Exhibitions of art work in the hotel’s Lobby