Greek Islands Honeymoon

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Greek Islands Honeymoon

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You’ve planned the big day, bought the dress, chosen the flowers. Now comes the tricky part: deciding where to spend the first weeks of wedded bliss. You have just survived months of planning, the groom feigning interest in table decorations and canapé trays. The possibility of having to spend the next fortnight reliving every detail with wedding chat when you realize at the breakfast buffet, you have just forked out a king’s ransom to spend your honeymoon surrounded by honeymooners, may not be the icing on the cake you had in mind. The one thing you don’t want on a honeymoon is other honeymooners. So, skip the main stream and let Blue Travel make a romantic escape of your own

Because all you really want, straight after the biggest day (and, often, most stressful build-up) of your life, is to relax, reflect, spend loads of time together – and never discuss a flower arrangement again. We think we’ve become quite good at arranging these very special holidays. We know that you don’t want to be rushed and that you want to spend your days in places that are a little bit different and memorable. And your nights in places you’ll remember for all time.
We dispatched our researchers with instruction to find fail-safe prescriptions for romance. We think that your honeymoon itinerary should include:

  • Euphoric comfort in immaculate elegance
  • Congenial Staff attentive to core values of respect, humility, courtesy, helpfulness and sincerity
  • Delectable, epicurean dining
  • Compelling enduring vistas The rapture of nature
  • Variety value for money and satisfaction
  • A plethora of activities

Mother Nature has amply blessed the Greek Islands; she has been particularly generous with our featured selection of honeymoon getaways.

We have included all the honeymoon essentials plus romantic touches such as horse riding on powdery-white sands. Privacy, natural effortless beauty and countless intimate walks through olive groves and sunflowers equals honeymoon bliss. You will never forget the ever changing light on the hills as you watch the bulbous burnt orange sun sink slowly into the cobalt depths of the Aegean Sea. Moonlit vows, eye to eye with your best intentions laid bare. All that’s lacking is an old master to capture the magic.

Take to the mid-ocean niches of intimacy beckoning, bathed in light. Turquoise lagoons and Sandy arbors, with a gourmet picnic just for two, champagne flutes anchored in the sand evocative sublime moments. If you have movie-star cachet (and cash) fly to the skies in a Lear jet, a helicopter ride or an impossibly romantic dawn balloon ride.
You’ve promised your sweetheart a honeymoon of unforgettable romance. Expectations are high, if you really want to fly her to the moon and play amongst the stars let Blue Travel attend to the details, and remember Love doesn’t make the world go round, Love is what makes the journey worthwhile.