Greek Island Cruises

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Greek Island Cruises

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Relax, Unwind… And Let Blue Travel create your voyage of a lifetime

Blue Travel caters for those seeking a complete escape from the daily constraints of modern life. We offer a total experience where time, if not standing still, is at best drifting about rather aimlessly. Gaze at the emerald islands in the sapphire sea. At daybreak you can greet the sunrise from your own private veranda. If you like your sun diluted with a good measure of water, cruising is the perfect choice for a summer holiday.

greek island cruisesWhen you finally tire of the soporific vistas from your stateroom, venture further into your floating paradise, and discover every comfort, convenience and amenity imaginable. Tourists can fill their days with sightseeing, dance classes and sports contests. You can even practice your tennis stroke or golf swing or go jogging on deck. Some prefer a cultural lecture or even an educational class. Of course there is a great deal of lounging by the pools, spiced up with a margarita … or two. The masseuses are kept busy as the children are often occupied and enthralled from dawn till dusk. During the evening’s a choice of theme nights, bands, discos, dance extravaganzas; musical revues and a lively casino take the stage. If the children aren’t exhausted take them with you, this is Greece your little ones are welcome even after dark.

greek island cruisesA cruise designed by Blue Travel will take you to some of the most beautiful and romantic ports in the world, including Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Olympia and more. You’ll find Utopian beaches reminiscent of pacific ocean paradises, mountains scattered with sugar cube dwellings and the iconic blue-domed churches of Greece. Blue Travel packages can show you the magnificent antiquities and the ruins of ancient lost civilizations. Blue Travels cruises can include a few other ports in the Mediterranean such as Istanbul an exotic delight where East meets West or sail on to Venice and hop on a Gondola.

There is an understated elegance, a carefree ambiance you sense from the moment you step aboard one of our fleet. These moments are individually crafted to your specific requirements, they are the moments that you have dreamed of and will treasure for all time. Blue Travel offers variety value and satisfaction….you haven’t lived until you have cruised with Blue Travel.